May 21, 2013

Sick Day

Not for me, for my little one.  And it's Game Day at her school!  When she started to get a little perkier we also played some games.  A kid's game called "Guess Who?" and some Star Wars on the Wii.

Earlier, when she was feeling pokey, we watched TV.  She said she wanted to watch some Star Trek.  Now I've shown her a handful of the original series.  She like the Gorn on and the Tribble one especially.  I've even shown her the tribble revisit on that Deep Space Nine episode.  But I've been holding off on showing her the Next Generation because I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not.

But I found the perfect episode to introduce it to her.  "Pen Pals" is from the middle of the second season.  It's the one in which Data responds to a young alien girl's plaintive question to the cosmos: "Is there anyone out there?"  This is, of course, a violation of the Prime Directive and causes some debate among the senior staff.  I'd forgotten it's also the one in which Wesley Crusher gets to lead his first team.  She knows I like and quote Star Trek a lot and it's usually the Next Generation I'm referring to.  She was happy to see Picard in his riding outfit.  She knows her mama is fond of that (I wonder why).  And he said, "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot," which cracked her up (from hearing me do it like the dork I am).  It's a good episode where nothing too scary happens and there's no shipboard romance angle.  The only bad thing, from her point of view, is they erase the little alien girl's memory so she won't recall the whole contact with an alien race thing.

So now to clean house a bit and prepare for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is the last day with students this year, then our two days of "post planning," which for me mostly mean telling teachers, yes, the computer says you still have some things checked out...