August 11, 2013

So Far, So Good

First day of school was Weds. For my part, starting with a three day week was nice.  I've heard conflicting things on that one.

I've heard all positive things about my new morning news show. They like that we can now do it in different spots and the professional look of it.  The only complaint was that on the first day I didn't use the ending line they've been using for five years.  "But we've been using that for five years!"  To me, that's a reason to change it up.  I like mine better.  I use the vlogbrothers' line, "Don't Forget to Be Awesome!"  But since the principal added the old end line the second day, since then I have them say the old line and then the DFTBA bit and that seems to keep us all happy.

I even got a call from a parent saying her 5th grader loved the show and wants to know how to be an anchor.  The funny thing is, I'm keeping it pretty short and they've been saying the same basic things every day.  It's mostly the new look they're responding to.  The anchors do like that we can re-do mistakes (but man am I going to have fun with a blooper reel at the end of the year).

So far I've just been doing orientations.  I'm tired of hearing myself in that video but it's better than saying it over and over again and it gets laughs, so that's nice.  I've even gotten to read to a few classes before they check out.  Some are too pressed for time (first week and all) but I'm slowly getting to know everyone.

Biggest pain for me so far is setting up AR.  I've never done it.  I'm adding kids to classes, changing passwords, adding new kids, "unenrolling" what are now sixth graders, all that happy crappy.  Not fun but again, it's helping me to get to know everyone I suppose, so that's good.