September 13, 2013

Another Day (well, week) In the Life

Some things I've had to do this week as the elementary school librarian:

Dress as Mr. Incredible and walk around the halls at the end of the day to promote Movie Night.

Record a woman dressed in a monkey suit, spinning a basketball on her finger to promote the school fundraiser.

Dress and act like a pirate with some other teachers as we recorded a clip for next week's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Train new volunteers!  Yes!  Man oh man do I need them and appreciate them so much.  Hope I can get some more or convince the ones coming in to stay longer.  Every little bit helps.

Prepare for the Reader's Rally book club starting up next month.  Prepare for the Book Fair coming, ulp, next week!

That's one of the great things about this job.  I have a list of stuff to do and a schedule and certain things that happen over and over again, but I still never know on a given day what's going to happen.  All kinds of crazy things come up or a question leads to a whole project or something needs troubleshooting.  I just never know.  Makes it interesting,