September 4, 2013

Dragon Con I - Mythbusters at the Fox Theater

Time for my yearly Dragon Con reports.  I’ll break it up into three posts.  One for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday evening after school we hit Mary Mac’s then headed to the Fox Theater to catch the Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour.

While technically not a Dragon Con event, I know there were many Dragon Conners there. I overheard someone jokingly say, “This is the nicest Dragon Con venue I’ve been at so far.” Their friend said that the way Dragon Con is growing, it very well could be an official venue in the not too distant future.

We were in the middle front of the balcony.  Great seats, but it meant there was no way we could be volunteers to get up on stage.  They did indeed get many members of the audience to participate in all kinds of random things.

It wasn’t like the television show.  They didn’t build or blow up anything.  They had some cool and funny demonstrations of various scientific things, some video clips some Q&A and some basic fun. One of the cooler bits was when they talked about how all those explosions feel and wished they could somehow get that across on TV.  So what they did in the theater was have a specially set up audio system.  When Adam gave the “Turn it up to eleven!” they ran a montage of explosion clips that shook and rumbled around the whole place.  Pretty cool.  We grownups weren’t sure it was worth the premium price but our daughter was so happy I think it was worth it just for that.  She’s very aware that she and the show are both celebrating their 10th year.

During the show they mentioned a travelling science exhibition they have going called Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition which I certainly comes to Fernbank at some point!