January 15, 2013

Time Management Presentation

Tickler File
Our district had their "travelling" Media Specialist professional development today.  It's pretty cool.  You pick two school from a list of host schools and at each school you get a tour and two presentations.  It's a great way to get the time to see how other folks are doing it and to share ideas.

I was the second presentation at the second school today.  Over the summer at some other meeting we were kicking around ideas for future presentations and someone said that some time management/productivity tips would be good.  So that's what I did today.

I told them about tickler files, some David Allen stuff like not using your calendar as a to-do list, managing your inboxes (or "buckets," physical and electronic) and some Mark Forster stuff and his latest and easiest iteration of his Autofocus system.

I hate making and using slide shows, but I wanted them to be able to see an example as I went through the list, so I ended up making a quick little slide show anyway.  They gave me forty minutes, but I took way less time and let everyone go as soon as they seemed to be finished with questions because nothing makes for good Professional Development than getting out on time, or better yet, early!

Here's the slideshow if you care.